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Experience the thrill of custom car building like never before with the world’s first NFT-backed YouTube series! As an NFT owner, you’ll have the unique opportunity to not only shape the design of the real car but also potentially win exclusive, „money can’t buy“ real-world experiences. YES, THIS IS REAL!

But that’s not all – at the end of the series, one lucky NFT holder will win the actual, customized NISSAN GT-R! (No, not a dream! YOU CAN WIN THIS CAR) Every Car-Part-NFT you own is 1 Ticket to the Car Giveaway! (and all the other giveaways too)

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking project that combines the excitement of custom car customizing with the power of NFTs.

Join us on this fucking great journey and see your vision come to life in a one-of-a-kind ride!

MINT NOW FOR 0.05 ETH and get all benefits from „THE GOLDEN VIM“

About this fucking awesome project

What's the "nft garage?"

Welcome to NFT Garage, where you have the power to design and customize your dream car. As a fan of car customization shows on YouTube, you know that the end result is always driven by the owner’s personal style.

But with NFT Garage, you’re in control! (YEAH, NO SHIT!) Join us as we customize a Nissan GT-R R35 and use NFTs to let you make all the important decisions, from the wheels and color to the interior design.

And the best part? One lucky NFT holder will have the chance to win the actual, fully customized car at the fucking end of the season!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to make your mark on the automotive world and join us on NFT Garage now!


7.500 Car Part NFTs

3 Categories of Car Parts: Rims, Body and Interiour. All coming with different traits and rarities. 2.500 NFTs at each category. Build you own car out of the parts you like. Choose Rims, Body and interiour and create a unique NFT out of this parts!

different traits & rarity score

Rare and unique car parts are what make a vehicle truly one-of-a-kind and so do our NFTs. From special materials and colors to quirky items like ski boxes and surfboards, these special traits set NFTs apart from the rest.

Voting power for NFT Owners

As an NFT owner, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to shape the look and style of our fully customized car. With every NFT you own, you'll have voting power to decide on everything from the wheels and interior to the color and wrap design. This is your chance to make your mark on the automotive world and help us create a one-of-a-kind ride. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to have your voice heard and join us in the customization process.

Get your NFTs now and let's start building the car of your dreams!


We are customizing a NISSAN GT-R R35 and we are doing it heavily: Air-Ride Suspenion, Liberty Walk Kit, custom wrap, +800 HP and a custom interior. This car will be a monster!

Win the car & much more

One of the Car-Part-NFT Owners will win the car at the end, when it is done, but there is much more utility: Every NFT Owner has the chance of potentially win exclusive, "money can't buy" real-world experiences like a spot at the GUMBALL3000, exclusive merch and much more!


A Nissan GT-R R35 – but heavily customized. We are building what you want to see. There is a lot of stuff to decide for you, the NFT Owners! And never forget: at the end, the car is maybe yours! Check out the STAGES to see what parts are build at what stage!


The best modifications on the market will boost the GT-R to 900 HP or more.

A Design Contest for the wrapping and the NFT Owners are voting for the Color and the design!

This GT-R will be LOW! Thanks to an High-End Airride System!
NFT Owners are voting for the Specials we will add to the car - maybe a Skibox?
NFT Owners are voting for the Interiour - the Seats, the Fabric, the Extras!
NFT Owners are voting for the Rims we get! Futuristic? Minimalistic? You decide!
A Widebody-Kit by Liberty Walk will make the car GIGANTIC!
this is the art

THE NFTs a.k.a. the car parts

The Body

The body of a car is the first thing that catches the eye, it’s like the outfit of your vehicle. The options are endless: shiny and glossy paint, sleek matte finish, or even a custom wrap. The choice is yours to make, pick the body that best expresses your personal style and taste.

The Wheels

Wheels are to a car, what shoes are to a suit. They play a crucial role in completing the overall look of your vehicle. Choosing the right set of wheels is key. Consider the size, design, and color that will complement the body of your car and elevate its aesthetic. Selecting the perfect wheels will be the finishing touch that pulls the entire look of your car together.

The Seats

The importance of selecting the right seats for your car cannot be overstated. They are not only essential for comfort, but also for style. The options are vast, from luxurious leather to bold and vibrant fabrics, to even sleek carbon fiber. Decide whether you prioritize comfort for long road trips or a sporty racing feel. Choose the interior that speaks to your personal taste and will make even a six-hour journey feel like a breeze.

We are building - but what and when?


The hype around NFT projects has died down. Many projects no longer sell out in just a few hours or even at all. That’s why we came up with the concept of Stages. We have divided the project into four parts, and the level of customization for the car we are building will depend on the percentage of NFTs that have been sold. This way, we can ensure that we can deliver on our promises and that one lucky NFT owner will have the chance to win a NISSAN GTR R35. The more NFTs we sell, the more customized the car will be and the more crazy events will happen!




As you can see below this text, STAGE 1 starts at 25% NFT sold. With this Milestone we are also starting the Videos about the car. With 1.875 NFTs sold, we will buy the car and kick-off the project. But until we reach this stage, we are rewarding user who mint with a BIG extra!


Mint  Price: 0.05 ETH
Mint Special: For every NFT you mint, you will also get 1 of 500 „VIM“-Cards – Very Important Minter. You can use these cards for one of the following purposes:

+ Double your Chance at 1 NFT-Garage Raffle (incl. the Car Lottery)

+ Get 1 Merch-Article for FREE

+ Get 1 free mint for NFT Garage Season 2

+ Get 1 Extra-Ticket for 1 exclusive VIM-Raffle

All Minters also get access to the VIM Discord Channel with exclusive content & previews + all benefits from „THE VIM“.

THE VIM - MINT ID 500-1.874

Mint  Price: 0.05 ETH
Mint Special: All Minters also get access to the VIM Discord Channel with exclusive content & previews. 

+ Exclusive VIM Giveaways & Raffles

+ Exclusive VIM Merch (limited)

+ Extra $DRIVE Airdrops

THE REGULAR - MINT ID 1.875-7499

Mint  Price: 0.07 ETH
Mint Special: Get all the benefits and utility from the regular project and the most important: build and win a NISSAN GT-R with us!

STAGE 1 | 25% SOLD

1875 NFTs sold

STAGE 2 | 50% SOLD

3750 NFTs sold

STAGE 3 | 75% SOLD

5625 NFTs sold

STAGE 4 | 99% SOLD

7425 NFTs sold


What’s the progress of NFTs sold at the NFT Garage? Check it:

We love Utilities and we have a lot of them

This is what you get - the utility

There is a lot of things that you can do if you own an NFT from this Project.

Voting Power

You have the power to decide how out car will look like, with the ability to vote on every aspect, from the wheels to the color to the design. Each NFT in your wallet grants you a voting power of 1.


Win the Car
Design the NFT car of your dreams using our upcoming „NFT Car Builder™“ tool, set to release in Q2 2023 (date tba). Burn three separate parts to create a new, unique NFT. Hold this NFT in your wallet to enter into a chance to win the car lottery.


The Car Club

Events IRL and in the metaverse, exclusive merch-drops, win „money can’t buy“ real-world experiences, DRIVE-Coin Airdrops and many more for just holding at least 1 of our NFTs in your wallet.


The NFT Car Builder

Select the three NFT parts you desire the most, whether they are rare or common, and use our upcoming „NFT Car Builder™“ tool, set to release in Q2 2023 (date tba), to burn & combine them to craft your very own Dream-Car NFT.


There is a lot of fun stuff to do - with you


In 2023 and according to the Stage we are unlocking, we are planing to be part of a lot of big car events. These are some on the top of our list and the best thing: if you own an NFT from us, you always have the chance to be part of our crew!

together with experts




After creating the car parts, you will have the opportunity to purchase, sell, or trade for the parts you desire, including the rarest ones. Each part has its own rarity score, with 1 being the most common and 10 being the most unique.

When our NFT CAR BUILDER™ is released, you will be able to design your own digital dream car by selecting one part from each of the three categories in our NFT CAR BUILDER™, then burning those three parts to mint a new NFT with your dream car. The NFT will have all the traits of the parts you used and a new rarity score, which is calculated as the average of the rarity scores of the three parts.

There will be a maximum of 2,500 of these car NFTs, created from 7,500 NFT parts (3 parts per car NFT). These car-part-NFTs will also serve as tickets for the car lottery that takes place at the end of the season, where one lucky winner will receive a real car. 

Release of NFT CAR BUILDER™ is Q1 2024 – Date is TBA!


Looking for answers?

One is enough. But every NFT gives you voting power. So the more you have, the more  weight your vote has.

Public minting price is 0.05 ETH

Because we are a company based in Austria and Austria has a very strict gambling law, residents from Austria are not allowed to take part in this project. Because giving away a car means gambling.


NFT Projects are having a hard time. Its not that easy to sell a project out, so we thought about a "safity" feature. For everyone who mints and also for our company. With stages we make sure that we can provide the content and things we promise. There is a Nissan GT-R to win, right form the beginning - no matter if we sell out or not.

NFT GARAGE is build by an official company, registered in Austria: BIRDFISH GMBH. Its a public company, so its full disclosed from the beginning who is collecting the money. We have strong partnerships with Tax Accountants and Lawyers specialised in NFT & Crypto, so everything is running 100% transparent and legal from day 1.

This is a requirement that the company must fulfill for the tax authority in Austria to ensure we pay the correct taxes. It will not affect you in any way, it is simply information that is needed for the proper compliance with the laws in Austria for the project.

No, because we don't need any documents from you. We just need you to fill out a form.

That is easy: 1 CAR-PART-NFT = 1 TICKET.

Just hold it in your wallet.



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